Today is World Autism Day. Take time to ask an autistic person’s perspective. You can even ask ME. But do understand that autistic people have a voice, whether it’s spoken, written, signed or in any other format. Take time to read about some of the kids that are still being murdered because they have disabilities; many of these kids were autistic. Take some time to think about how language affects the community…words like “exterminate” or “eradicate” or “destroy”. We are not Daleks; we are PEOPLE.

Autism affects me in the way that it changes my perspective and worldview. For me, everything sensory is amplified…lights are brighter, things move faster, I can hear a whisper across the apartment. Because of this, it often takes me longer to process information simply because there is too much trying to enter my brain at one time. It can be hard for me to put these experiences into spoken word and I communicate much better through writing. Learning idioms and figurative language has to be studied like someone would study dates for a history exam. I don’t know where I move in space and am prone to injury. I have trouble making and keeping friends because I sometimes like things that are “younger” than my age group but I talk like someone in an older age group. When I am out in public I may not read body language and behavior which can be a dangerous situation depending on where I am. And then there are the personal things I won’t talk about but yeah…that’s a good start.

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